Introduction from Aaron Davis

Having worked as a travel guide for the last 15 years, I am still excited and fascinated by experiencing what our world has to offer. Urban Adventures appeals to my sense of adventure - of finding something unique and hidden that not every visitor to a city will experience - a bit like a cool secret club.


I grew up in a small town in rural Australia, so it’s a bit of an understatement to say that when I moved to Tokyo, it was a major culture shock. I’ve fallen in love with this crazy, frenetic city and I love sharing that passion with others. I’m excited to be a part of Urban Adventures; it gives you all the benefits of some local guidance and insight without the stuffiness or sanitisation of an organised tour.


For me, travel is about connecting with a place and the people that live there. That has to be done with a sensitivity and awareness of the impact that your presence has on the environment around you. At Tokyo Urban Adventures, we make a committed and concerted effort to understand and respect local customs and culture, and to fairly utilise local knowledge and resources.


My big hobby at the moment is open water swimming - during the summer in the Southern Hemisphere I’ve been entering ocean swims along Australia’s shipwreck coast; physically exhausting but an exhilarating experience. I think that the more you travel the more you realize how big the world is, how little you know about it, and how short our time on this earth is. It’s a bit addictive - once you finish one trip it’s hard not to immediately begin planning your next one!


Here are our team in Tokyo:




Hello my name is Taiyo Iwanaga. I am 32 years old from a small island in Nagasaki. After high school I went to the USA for playing baseball for 4 years.  

Before becoming a tour guide I had worked at a TV station, as a teacher of an academic school, as hotel staff, bartender and restaurant staff.

I like my job now, I meet many people from all around the world, love traveling, helping and teaching people. I will always smile and make the people on my tour smile!
I do my best and wish you happy travel!




I'm Akemi. I live in Tochigi where is north of Tokyo and relatively country side. I love nature! 
I became a tour leader from March2013 and have been enjoying to show my beautiful country and introduce the culture and history. I also like traveling abroad trying local foods, talking to local people, visiting world heritage sites and etc. 
Looking forward to seeing you :)




Hi this is Toshiko. I was born in Tokyo and grew up at Kyoto. I love the modern cosmopolitan life at Tokyo as the same as the traditional old style in Kyoto. I am so looking forward to showing you around Japan.